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Hyrule Magic By Sephiroth3

2001 - 2003

Zip Folder Created by Letterbomb

Download here (Coming Soon)

=============================================== I N T R O D U C T I O N ===============================================

Hello! This zip folder contains all available versions of Hyrule Magic that have been kept by numerous of the older members in the Zelda III Hacking community. The reason why this zip was made is to preserve the older versions of Hyrule Magic, since they are a big part of Zelda III history and losing these builds would be losing history! These older versions are not recommended for building a Zelda III hack, but you are free to mess around with the older versions to see how they were. Do note that roms made with updated versions may not work with previous versions of Hyrule Magic. You may however use an original Zelda III rom with these older versions of Hyrule Magic.

=============================================== V E R S I O N H I S T O R Y ===============================================

This is the Version History of Hyrule Magic. There may be some versions that are not on this list simply because they can not be found anywhere in the archives anymore. There also may be some fixes to the program that are not mentioned by Sephiroth3, so some versions will just say "Bugfixes." Some versions also may not have exact dates attached to them, but for the most part this is an accurate list of what versions there were, when they had released and what they did. Hyrule Magic v0.962 The Last Build Published by Sephiroth3; 2/15/2003. Hyrule Magic v0.961 6/22/2002 Hyrule Magic v0.96 6/08/2002 First of the v0.96X Builds Editing of the dictionary which is used to compress the text Editing of all of the graphics Wave editing Various bug fixes Hyrule Magic v0.955 Last of the v0.95X Builds; 4/13/2002. Hyrule Magic v0.954c 4/05/2002 Fixed a problem which could corrupt some overworld screens and fixed a sprite saving bug. Hyrule Magic v0.954b Small Update; 3/29/2002. Bugfixes. Hyrule Magic v0.954 3/29/2002. Added a Title Screen Editor and fixed some bugs. Hyrule Magic v0.9533/09/2002. Bugfixes and a ROM information viewer which allowed you to see the remaining space for various things except music and text. Hyrule Magic v0.952 1/26/2002. Bugfixes. Hyrule Magic v0.951 1/07/2002 Hyrule Magic v0.95 First of the v0.95X Builds; 1/06/2002. Made it so you could edit overlays and room layouts. Hyrule Magic v0.942 Last of the v0.94X Builds; 1/06/2002. Bugfixes. Hyrule Magic v0.941 First of the v0.94X Builds; 1/05/2002. Bugfixes. Hyrule Magic v0.936 Last of the v0.93X Builds; 12/31/2001. Fixed some Music Editor bugs that made the program crash. Hyrule Magic v0.935 Hyrule Magic v0.934 Hyrule Magic v0.931 Hyrule Magic's First Update; 12/25/2001. Fixed a bug involving an item crashing the program, some other bugfixes. Hyrule Magic v0.93 Hyrule Magic's First Release; 12/24/2001. Included an Overworld Editor, Dungeon Editor, Text Editor, Music Editor, Palette Editor, World Map Editor, and a Dungeon Map Editor.

=============================================== C R E D I T S ===============================================

People who had helped with making this zip folder by giving older versions of Hyrule Magic. Sephiroth3 - For Creating Hyrule Magic! Acmlm - For v0.952, v0.955, and v0.962. Euclid - For v0.95, v0.96, and v0.961. NEONswift - GameMakr24 -

=============================================== L I N K S ===============================================

Some of the Links that were used in order to find all of the versions. http://acmlm.overclocked.org/board/ thread.php?id=11790&page=0 http://acmlm.overclocked.org/board/ thread.php?id=11805 http://acmlm.overclocked.org/board/ announcement.php?forum=33

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