whole lotta

justin scawful • 27 July 2019

the piano practice has been going really well so far. something has definitely clicked with reading music and understanding it. i think i just have a much more open mindset to what it requires. i'm more aware of the amount of time and practice i have to put it so ive been trying to practice for at least 15 minutes everyday. some days are more productive than others, doing songs straight out of the piano song book nicole gave me and then sometimes i've just been jamming in logic pro x with synths and drum machines.

i've discovered that ocarina of time hacking is in a pretty good place right. they are now writing c code and replacing 3D objects and making pretty complex hacks. it's impressive to see. i'd like to try and do some things myself, preferable with majora's mask but it's not as far along or documented right now so i'm going to read up on the ocarina of time hacking and how it is all done and maybe try some stuff out. feels bad since i'm not finished with oracle of secrets but it's too cool to pass up.

i'm excited for my c class next semester and hopefully the work i'm doing now to learn and prepare on my own will pay off. i really need to write more like barebones programs it's just hard to come up with something to work on without it getting largely complicated or feeling small. finding that medium for an intermediate coder with this language is hard. that's why i'm trying to find an api to use to try and visualize something, but i realize that's not really what C is used for. it just feels like if i move over to something more attuned to application programming like C# or Swift that i'll get bogged down by learning their development environments and waste time i could be using mastering my fundamentals with barebones ansi c.

one month later

justin scawful • 23 July 2019

i'm having a great summer so far. definitely one that will be memorable because of all the personal growth i've done. since my last blog post i started my summer arts class and it has been going well. i've been fairly regularly meditating and spending more time on personal development by means of introspection and creative work. i've also been studying up on algebra and pre-calc to prepare for next semester and hopefully test myself into a higher class since it would save me a semester to do an accelerated math course. i have been able to fit in a decent amount of reading too, though it's all programming textbooks it's still keeping me cognitively active. i've developed quite a thing for caffeine over the last few years but recently i switched to these v8 energy drinks that i really enjoy. much lighter on the stomach than coffee.

i went to new jersey for nicole and i's five year anniversary. my flight was delayed and nicole had to work on our anniversary but i spent the day with her parents at a pinball arcade which was cool. we had a really good time. because of the heatwave it was hard to spend a lot of time outside without feeling drained but we still managed to see a cool lake and ride bikes together a few times.

the foundation for the websites store is basically in place, plus the admin panel is capable of adding items so itll be easy to manage whats available. next up is the quest system and putting in some basic enemies and locations to explore.