summer post

justin scawful • 22 June 2019

with the 21st of june past we are now in the big hot szn. it has sucked how much rain we have gotten lately. i got a new skateboard recently so im excited to get some clips with the gopro. my summer psychology class ends next week and then my intro to fine arts class starts so that will be fun.

i started practicing on my piano a bit lately. i was getting into it last summer but once school stuff started getting in motion i totally fell off.

birthday recap

justin scawful • 8 June 2019

my birthday has passed and my week long vacation with nicole is over. i had a really great time and i'm very happy. we went to my sisters graduation and had a lot of fun visiting my family and going on a road trip together. i cleaned out my van so it was nice and spacey for us to travel in. we saw detective pikachu and i enjoyed that a lot, plus we played a lot of pokemon go. with the trading, battling, and gifts the game is a lot more social but i've noticed the pokestops don't give nearly as many items as they used to and it always seems like i'm running out of pokeballs.

once i got back into town, nicole and i went to the midewin nature preserve and saw bison in the fields and walked the trail passed these old bunkers. it was really cool and i took a lot of pictures. we got giordano's deep dish pizza later that night and totally avoided having the happy birthday sung to me because nicole and i aren't about all that extra shit. we went to the family video in my town and rented a few movies to watch while she was here. it had a very nostalgic feel to the process.

i also got a large assortment of gamecube games and retro game consoles to add to my collection for my birthday so we busted out the gamecube to play games together and drink. now i have access to six really solid zelda games just on the gamecube (zelda 1, zelda 2, oot, mm, tp, ww) plus having my super nintendo classic accessible is convenient. i got a new desk for my birthday as well and i organized a lot of my games and controllers into it. now it's a lot simpler to pull out the games i wanna play. i've basically been inside the nintendo ecosystem my entire life so i might as well embrace it and play a lot of the new gamecube games i got like metal gear solid twin snakes.

i'm very excited for E3 and any new games and stuff we are going to see especially when it comes to pokemon and the zelda links awakening remake. i hope that the new dlc characters for smash will be good, since lately i havent been as hyped about the game so we'll see if that changes anything. the fact that sony is skipping e3 the year i got ps4 is kinda lame but i also am super late to the party so i totally understand. i got through the second chapter of the spiderman dlc and the hammerhead boss was pretty intense i'll be honest. i like feeling more challenged in the dlc i buy though forsure.