summer studying

justin scawful • 24 May 2019

less than a week left until nicole comes to visit me in illinois, and then we are going to go to my sisters high school graduation. i'm very excited to see her. we've both been so busy with work that we weren't able to squeeze in a vacation as soon as we normally do. it's okay though, because summertime is more fun anyway. or, at least it would be if it wasn't going to be raining over the next few days. i hope we can still find fun things to do. i'm turning 21 which should be fun.

i've started my psychology 101 course and it's been pretty good so far. just discussion posts and short little questions. i read the first two chapters and skimmed the third. the textbook is pretty interesting, though admittedly very similar to what i learned in high school psychology. i'm hoping everything will go well with this web class. i'm also studying my math lately. brushing up on my algebra and trig so i can prepare for pre-calc. i have a ton of math and science ahead of me and i need to really cement some good fundamentals.

end of semester 2

justin scawful • 17 May 2019

today is the last day of my second semester of college. i'm feeling pretty good about it all. i already finished all my finals and i just need to turn in my textbooks sometime today and i'll be good. now it's just knocking out these summer classes for some easy credits.

i didn't very much like what i heard from the new tyler the creator album. there was only a few songs i liked such as gone gone / thank you and earfquake. the rest was just muddy and wasteful. production was all over the place and there was barely any rapping. wasted a kanye feature w mumbling. i've been browsing /mu/ for the post release play by play and i'm now seeing a lot of cherry bomb appreciation. this messy album makes me appreciate that hot mess a lot more. flower boy took tyler in such a strange direction but at least it was palatable. it was accessible for new people, but this igor shit. idk why anyone but the ultimate dickriders would listen to this fully. fame changed tyler and he's a monster now.

meanwhile carly rae jepsen dropped a fantastical bubblegum synth pop experience that i enjoyed sinking my teeth into way more than igor. i'll probably try to listen to some of the songs from dedicated with nicole because they are cute and wholesome. the whole album is like an easy 8/10. everything he needs is an early favorite. automatically in love is fire. i still think party for one is hype and since its the song that got me like into carly im biased towards it.

i've been playing fortnite a bit more lately since season 9 started. i'm a little torn about the current meta of the game. we just got a nerf for the drum gun which has been dominating the meta since the pump was removed and it's created another version of spray n pray from season 5 but with a bit more variety. i've been more willing to drop into creative lately and practice my editing and aim on courses, playing team deathmatch and just practicing my 1v1s.


justin scawful • 8 May 2019

it's been raining pretty consistently here for the last week or so. i've started to hear people comment about how excessive it has been. which is odd considering this is supposed to be a time of year for rain. i find it rather relaxing actually. the cool air and sound of rain. walking timber through the mud is a pain though.

i'm halfway through the second to last week of the semester and i also went ahead and registered for an online course of intro psychology and intro to visual art for some extra gen ed credits over the summer. i really would just like to get my degree out of the way lol.

i started playing the dlc for spiderman ps4 finally. i like it a lot so far, though i glitched into a wall during a fight and had to reset to my checkpoint. all the homages to the original spiderman 2 black cat missions are greatly appreciated.

projects and courses

justin scawful • 2 May 2019

on my last april post i never actually got around to writing that. rather than try a retroactive correction i will leave it like that because it transitions well into what i felt like talking about and that's how busy i make myself with the projects i'd like to pursue in life. it's so hard being able to learn things quickly because it makes me want to try and do everything. we only have so long in this life and i want to make the most of it. i think that creative ventures and personal projects are the most apparent way to project your ego and being into the universe for others to experience. now i don't expect all of these to get done anytime soon but they are things that are circling around my mind at the moment.

the website has only gotten small little touch ups recently since the semester has been ending but i will definitely be committing to more updates in regards to the database structures especially. that'll be easy. i've recently been trying to learn git as well so that i can create a zen3mp repository and begin to share the source code out to all of you. i'm trying to think of ways i can make the quest system as dynamic as possible without forcing myself to build an incredibly complex system. i want to work as efficiently as possible as i'm in no way a wizard with php yet and don't have a strong enough grasp with javascript to add a lot.

i registered for some classes today. my fall semester will be my first time picking up what could be called a full time semester. i've still got to improve my test score for math so i can get into pre-calc and i'm also going to send the professor for the c programming class an email so she can register me using my python as the prerequisite. originally the basic programming was the requirement but now this class works for it.