finale closing in

justin scawful • 22 dec 2020

the year is almost over. christmas is in just a few days. i'm really not sure how i feel about it. i don't know whether i should be happy and excited or not. if i get myself too high on emotions the comedown might be pretty brutal. but if i don't get any positivity in me, this may just be one long marathon of sadness and depression. i'm definitely excited for my gaming computer i'm building. i'll give the specs on it.

  1. CPU: AMD RYZEN 7 3700X
  2. GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super
  3. MOBO: ASUS AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus
  4. RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 32GB
  5. STORAGE: Crucial P1 1TB 3D NAND NVMe
  6. POWER: Rosewill CAPSTONE 650M 650W
  7. CASE: NZXT H510

this will be my first gaming computer i've had in a very long time. in comparison to the hand-me-down machines i got back in middle school this is the best machine i've ever had. i've got all the parts except the case which is coming tomorrow and the gpu which i have to get from my parents house in missouri. i'll be driving down there for christmas in my new car. i bought a 2014 honda civic last week. it's a huge upgrade from the 2003 toyota sienna i was driving before. that minivan was on its last legs. it got to the point where it actually shut down while i was driving on the road one night and i had to coast downhill off of momentum and turn into a parking lot to get it started again. my honda has a lot of nice modernities that i've never had before like push start, bluetooth, and heated seats. it drives so much nicer than my van did. it's a very empowering feeling.

semester over

justin scawful • 8 dec 2020

last week of the semester. probably the most brutal semester i've been through, having had to drop a class for the first time. i'll end up passing my remaining classes but i'm not proud of how it all went down. i wish i would've dropped physics sooner so i could devote more time to my other classes. regardless, i'm still looking forward to transferring next semester. it's been awhile since i've programmed and i think being back in a learning environment for it will be good for me. i was the most interested in coding after my classes, it's just easy to get burnt out when you're trying to troubleshoot so many different problems. especially having chosen c++ as my language of choice there's a lot of idiosyncrasies to consider about how you are writing it. i need to just go back to the basics to try and get those parts of my brain working again. dark mode for github dropped today and despite how insignificant of an addition it is, it got me excited. i need to put more projects up on my github. or at the very least something of higher quality than my php website code. i decided to strip away the rpg elements from zeniea so there's a ton of code i've gotta scrap that's taking up needless space.