east coast

justin scawful • 13 july 2021

it's been awhile since i've updated this blog. i totally missed the entire month of june. i've been really busy since i made the decision to spend the summer and the fall with my girlfriend in new jersey. found a job out here at the same company i've been working at that was willing to take me for the temporary period and drove like 15 hours to get here last month. i'm taking another summer class right now, languages and automata, which is theory based and i'm really enjoying it so far. it's tough material, but i've always leaned more into the abstract nature of computation and the concepts behind turing machines i think will be really helpful for me in my ability to design algorithms. i got a hardcover version of the textbook for the class and it's pretty interesting. since i'm taking the class in the 8 week summer course i don't get as much time to work on the material, so i think even when the class is over i'll likely go back and work on some of the proofs i didn't get a chance to cover between the homework and the labs.

being in new jersey has been very strange though. i've lived in multiple parts of the country (illinois, florida, texas, missouri) but never stayed in the northeast before. it's like living in another universe with all the people from brooklyn with their accents and then the weird variety of both redneck country people and the alternative suburbanites. a lot of the roads are just long stretches with pine trees on both sides, and they don't let you pump your own gas or take left turns. it's rather strange. i miss chicago already. and i miss my dog. but it's a lot of fun being out here regardless.