justin scawful • 28 may 2021

so i'm going to be moving to new jersey in a couple weeks. not for good, but just for the summer and the fall. nicole's parents offered it to me and i was able to put together another online semester so i could still do school from out there as well as finding a job at another sherwin williams to transfer to out in that area. i'm really excited for the opportunity to spend more time with nicole and see another part of the country.

i've done a lot over the last few months. i got straight A's for the first time in a long time. that felt good since it was my first semester at UIC. i did a ton of programming which feels great. i've started a new game programmg thing with some of my peers at school called "project awful" which is going to be a roguelike dungeon crawler made using sfml. the library wasnt my first choice but i made it a poll for everyone and i think the object oriented aspect of sfml appealed to people who think they need to know those concepts to get a job and all. unfortunately sfml is a pain in the ass to set up for development on windows. wasnt so bad getting it set up on macos but i have to build it myself for my mingw version on windows which is annoying.