justin • 22 june 2022

i've officially hit the midpoint of my internship. i figured this would be a good time to take an informal reflection on my experience so far. this has been my first internship and so far i'm really happy with it. i've gotten a lot done in the past six or so weeks and have gotten a lot of praise from my intern hosts for my code and my communication skills. it's got me really hopeful that i'll receive a return offer. it's kind of corny but i really did set out to work at google initially, even if it was a passing remark i made in bravado, it was still something i said back when i was a teenager. it's nice to see things really materialize and become reality like that, even when the path it took to get there was long and winding, lol.

the project has been implementing a deletion feature for the topic modeling API. it's like conversational analysis for customer support centers and the individual "topics" that make up a topic model (model in the AI sense) need to be deleted sometimes in order to improve model accuracy. so a lot of my job has been making new services, defining storage level procedures for deletion, improving old API services to mix with the new deletion. it's all been very realistic work for me. i'm enjoying the code review process a lot and enjoying learning and reading the documentation with googles internal tools and my hosts.