justin • 29 mar 2022

figured i would try and squeeze this blog in before march is over so i don't look lazy. not that anyone is judging me for not updating my blog as often but still i feel some sort of personal responsibility to write on here for myself. i just got back from spring break in new jersey. it was a lot of fun. before i left my younger sisters came to visit and that was a nice surprise. i only spent the weekend with them before leaving for new jersey but it was still a good time. nicole and i visited an old colonial american village historical place and that was really cool. we also went out with some of her work friends to atlantic city. it was nice to finally get some socialization and go out and do things after being couped up inside. i mean, i have been on campus and outside lately but that's like an obligation and not the same as just going out and having fun. so i definitely needed that. i'm really looking forward to my google internship which is about six weeks away now. when i was in new jersey i also looked at apartments and i think i've settled on the one i'm going to get. it's expensive but it's prefurnished and comes with a lot of stuff that'll be nice not to have to worry about setting up on my own.