justin • 29 may 2022

the last blog entry got cut so short because i really have been that busy. so now i've been through two weeks of the internship and i have to say i'm still very happy. last week was very busy with a lot of meetings and new people and learning new things at the job. i actually used my WFH days on thursday and friday so i could relax. we had karaoke night on monday, a team dinner on tuesday, and another team dinner on wednesday. it all went really well and i think i made a good impression on everyone on my team. a lot of people flew in from other parts of the country to finally meet in person since the product and team was established during covid.


justin • 23 may 2022

unfortunately i completely forgot about the blog again. it's been so busy the last few months with school and work that i really didn't have any time for it. but now i'm finally in new jersey/new york for my internship at google!!! i've been at my apartment for about 10 days now and have done a week at google nyc so far and i am loving it.