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The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past Rom Hack

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Oracle of Secrets is a complete overhaul of the original Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo.
Development began in 2011 and has been progressing in some form lately.
The game features several new aspects different from Link to the Past, such as: The game includes a large amount of work created by prominent members in the Zelda3 rom hacking community over at Zeldix such as SePH, Conn, and Euclid.
Primary tool being used for overworld and dungeon editing is Hyrule Magic.

Design of the overworld is done by myself with the usage of graphic sourced from past Zelda titles, SpritersResource, Zeldix community assets and abandoned Zelda hacks like Legends of Hyrule and Lyra Islands.
Some areas from those hacks have been adjusted or ported over to this hack. Dungeons are entirely original designs by myself.

Changes in Detail

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